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Fall is the time when we start to think about returning to school, learning something new, and meeting new friends. It’s a great time starting a ballroom dance program – – no sharpened pencils necessary!
At Arthur Murray Dance Studios across the globe, fresh faces are seen in September, when everyone’s ready for a fresh start and new skills. We’ve got the tools you need for an active lifestyle that benefits everyone on so many levels – from fitness to confidence to opening a new world.

Ballroom dancing isn’t just a dance lesson – it’s a lifestyle.

Here’s why September is a great time to start learning ballroom:

For parents who have been busy with kids all summer, fall is a perfect time to carve out some ‘us’ time. Studies have shown that spending time together is one of the most important ways that we show our partner how important they are to us. Enjoying each other’s company and learning something new together is a wonderful way to enhance your relationship.

For those who love the outdoor fun of summer, cooler temperatures and shorter days often means its time to add indoor activities to keep active. And if you’ve ever taken ballroom dance lessons, you know that means a great aerobic workout.
Ballroom dancing helps develop flexibility and strength, a perfect complement to any fitness routine. Weightlifters and people who play team sports like ice hockey or bowling need to keep their bodies flexible and strong. Ballroom dance takes care of that!

Ballroom dance lessons are a wonderful way to meet new people in your community. When the kids return to school, many parents see the same faces that they’ve known since kindergarten began. But a series of classes at the local Arthur Murray Dance Studio will introduce you to people who may not be at the bus stop every morning – even though they live just around the corner. Widen your social circle with ballroom dance friends.

And finally, ballroom dance lessons are a great way to beat the end-of-summer blues. Getting out on the dance floor and mastering a new dance lifts the spirits and energizes the soul. It’s a great way to turn up the excitement when days get longer and it’s dark before you leave the office.

There’s a world of fun, fitness and friends at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in any community. With locations in 270 cities in 22 countries around the world, a new lifestyle awaits, for beginners and experienced dancers, singles and couples. For weddings and other special events, we’re the ballroom dance experts!

Credit to Arthur Murray International