Frequently Asked Questions

A Brief History of the Arthur Murray Studios

Arthur Murray himself, first started teaching people to dance in 1912. Starting with a “learn to dance at home” mail order business. He founded his first dance studio in 1923 on 43rd Street in New York City. Click to read more history….

Arthur Murray now has studios throughout the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Italy, Israel, Japan and Ukraine. Standardized lessons are interchangeable from one Franchised Studio to another. You are guaranteed that your lessons will be honoured where there is an Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studio.

How Students Are Taught

We have found that students learn most quickly and effectively on a scholastic basis. Your Introductory Program is the first student level. You will be taught the basic patterns of the most popular dances today. Your instructor will explain how the Medal Standards are taught and you will plan a personalized dance program to fulfill your specific needs and desires.

The degree of dancing you will achieve varies depending on your desire, goals, commitment and interest. After your Introductory Program the dance levels (degrees) progress from Associate and Full Medalist programs in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Gold Bar Standards. These courses are designed for people like yourself who desire a fundamental foundation or more advanced training in the social, as well as competitive (dance sport) styles. Read more about our programs and methods.

Our Instructors

Our Award-winning instructors are carefully selected and thoroughly trained in the exclusive Arthur Murray teaching method. This assures you the finest instruction in dancing. You will have a regular dance teacher who will be responsible for your progress. Periodically, you will have exchange lessons with other teachers which will give you experience and practice in adapting to a varity of dance partners and dance styles.

Can I learn to dance?

Dancing is as easy as walking once you are taught by an Arthur Murray expert. Hundreds of thousands have been successfully trained in Arthur Murray Dance Studios. We teach adults and you do not need to bring a partner. Contact us today at Arthur Murray

Will it take long?

You will be able to begin dancing after your first lesson. The length of your training depends on how many dances you would like to learn and how proficient you would like to become in each dance.

Is your system of teaching difficult?

Not at all. We are famous for making learning fun and easy. We teach four simple basic movements, from which the new combinations are derived.

How much do lessons cost?

The cost depends on a number of factors: how good you want to be; what dances you want to learn; the number of days and weeks in your dance schedule, etc. Your first lesson is free. After your first lesson, your instructor will be in a better position to recommend a program and you will have more knowledge to make an intelligent and informed choice.

Will I learn the latest and most popular steps?

You can learn the very latest steps in any or all social and nightclub dances; Swing, Hustle, Samba, Merengue, Fox Trot, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Mambo, Waltz, Tango, Country and many more.

I have a pretty busy schedule; can I take the lessons at any time convenient to me?

Take lessons any time you wish during normal studio hours. Our studio is open Monday from 6:00pm to 10:30pm, Tuesday to Friday 1:00pm to 10:30pm and Saturdays from 10.00am until 5:00pm.

Will I have a good teacher?

You’ll have the best teacher! All of our dance trainers must complete a most arduous training regimen. They are experienced on the dance floor and knowledgeable in techniques to help you learn to master today’s popular dances. The teachers selected for you are ones we know will best suit your personality.

What benefits do I receive?

Dancing is your first line of social activity. Good dancing is a lifetime investment in fun, poise, confidence, improved personality and new friends. Beyond these, dancing is a superb physical conditioner, providing fun without working at it! Learning to dance will open up a wonderful new world of togetherness and a thriving year-round social calendar.

How do I get started?

Arthur Murray Dance Ottawa in Ottawa, Ontario is only a phone call away. Print out the special offer online and call to schedule your first private lesson.

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