Let’s play ‘Ballroom Jeopardy’!!


Soon Arthur Murray students will be dancing with certificates in hand at the ‘Annual Graduation and Spotlight Day’ at the Chateau Laurier.  With this in mind, we thought it would be fun to test your dance knowledge in a fun way ‘a la’ Jeopardy style.  So, for the following answers, what is the corresponding question?


And the answers are:

1.  An imaginary line running parallel with the wall around the room in a counter-clockwise direction.

2.  The part of the foot in contact with the floor in each step, e.g. toe, ball or heel.

3.  The timing of this dance is SSQQS.

4.  The actions of a man in guiding the lady through the various dance patterns.

5.  The action of the hips moving side to side as a result of alternating the flexing and straightening of knees.

6.  The timing of this dance is QQQ.

7.  Learning to dance through a conbination of private, group and dance party lessons.

8.  The rises and falls of the body of a dancer achieved through actions of knees and feet (ankles).

9.  Started as a variation of Mambo, called triple Mambo and the rhythm is 1,2,3,4 &.

10. Helps increase confidence, helps get you fit in a fun way, meet people, overcome shyness, acquire more grace and poise,

become part of an an amazing community etc. etc.


And the questions are:


1.  What is Line of Dance (LOD)?

2.  What is Footwork?

3.  What is the Tango?

4.  What is leading?

5.  What is Cuban Motion?

6.  What is the Waltz?

7.  What is the famous Arthur Murray Inter-related system?

8.  What is Rise and Fall?

9.  What is the Cha Cha?

10. What does learning to dance at Arthur Murray do for you?


Hope you enjoyed our version of Ballroom Jeopardy.


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