My stomach is in knots


My stomach is in knots and there is something in my throat and I can’t seem to get enough air in my lungs. Today is the day. Yes, I have procrastinated. Always told myself I’m going to do it one day. Always looked at others who could do it in awe, admiring and longing to be able to match the fluidity of their movements. They’re not even thinking about what they are doing. They are talking and laughing and carrying on conversations all the while and not skipping a beat. They make it look so easy. You see I’m going to learn to dance! I know what you’re thinking. Wait a minute. You’ve been teaching this dance stuff for as long as we’ve been around.  What do you mean you’re going to learn to dance??  Before you start asking for your money back, the dance I’m talking about is the dance they call the Web! The ballroom of Twitter, Facebook, iCloud, blogs, social media, rankings, Flicker, vimeo, airplane mode, settings….and I know that’s just the tip of this technological mountain. It’s a very new dance for me and I’m terrified. Kinda like how one feels when they walk through our door for the first time. I have seen a lot of fear and trepidation walk through that front door. “Oh I’ve always wanted to learn to dance but I have  two left feet”. We hear this ALL the time. We chuckle along as if we have heard it for the first time. I now understand because I feel I have two left brains or two right, whichever part deals with the making sense of this computer ‘mambo jumbo’ (pun intended)!

So how do you learn this web dance?  You start by making a phone call.  In my case, it was a referral.  I essentially was a guest. (Be prepared for lots of Arthur Murray analogies)  I started talking about what we (Alina, Vadim and I) wanted to do and she said this guy was putting a web site together for her and he was really good at it.  So, on her recommendation we set up our first trial meeting  (first consultation was free) with Mr. Web (that’s not his real name but we need to protect his identity.  Don’t we?)  Mr. Web asked what we wanted to look like and how good did we want to get. (Mmmmm, that’s what we do)  Something about our presence on the net.  Well, we all agreed we wanted to be the best.  It wasn’t going to happen overnight.  It was going to take a little time.  We were looking at more visits initially.  And we would have to work at  several things at the same time to achieve the results we wanted.  Couldn’t we just master Twitter (Tango) until we get really good at that and then move onto Facebook? (Fox Trot)  Nope, the fastest way to achieve the results we wanted was to work on everything from the start.  It may seem confusing at first but most definitely the quickest route to eventual flight and movement and presence on the Web.  This sounds like learning to dance to me!  Being the least versed with all this computer, internet stuff, I volunteered, of course, to take the lead.  Why?  Because it looks  so easy and like so much fun when others do it.  I will be blogging, twittering, Facebooking, linking and attaching.  Mr. Web is patient and encouraging and calls to make sure I’m consistent with my visits to the computer.  So far so good.  First blog complete.  Now let’s see if I can post this. (And I know, no stamp is required!)

If I get this, I WILL next attempt to  master the TV remote!

First blog complete!

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