Studio Staff

Sue Champagne

Students Counsellor
Administrative Assistant

Sue came to Arthur Murray as a student in 2003 to learn a few step before going on a cruise. She fell in love with dance and has been with the Ottawa studio ever since. Sue joined the Arthur Murray team in 2012, bringing with her an extensive background in customer service, administration and event coordination. Sue loves meeting and greeting people at the front desk and can’t think of a happier environment to be working in.

Darryl has always had many hobbies and passions that he did and studied for many years, like playing the piano, practicing martial arts, working as a computer technician, doing magic tricks, oil painting, pastry making, etc. Two of these passions are dancing and teaching. He started dancing international style at the age of 6, participating then in many competitions, and since the age of 20 to date he has been sharing his passions as a second job, teaching both as a science after-class tutor for high school and university students and as a dance instructor. He loves to solve things and give solutions and he feels fully realized when he can make people understand and assimilate in an easy way any concept (from dance to physics) they thought was impossible.

Darryl Cappadocia


Joelle Boucher

Joëlle Boucher was born and raised in Gatineau. She lived in France for a year, where she finished her bachelor’s degree in psychology and took her first classes in fashion design. She then decided to pursue her passion in design and did her degree in women’s fashion and costume design. She has now been working as a freelance designer since 2014, creating beautiful gowns and intricate costumes. Dance has been in Joëlle’s life before she was even born, as her parents used to do Ballroom dance while her mother was pregnant with her. She tried many different styles of dances and fell in love with Ballroom during her high school years and has been dancing it since then. Joëlle’s goal is to share her love of dance with others by making a carrier as a dance instructor and dance-wear designer.

Rosalina was born and raised in Ottawa. Dance has always been a part of her life; ages 11-18  being her most active years. During this time, she took lessons for recreation in various styles of dance, performing in various events: multicultural shows, school talent shows, dance contests, etc. Of her performances, she best remembers her first. It was in the sixth grade. She and some friends performed a hip-hop routine at the school’s talent show. For her solo, she did her favourite move “the coffee grinder”. A nervous wreck, she had fun anyway. It was memories like this plus a hiatus from dancing while in university that drove her to join Arthur Murray in October 2016. Happy to be around dance again, Rosalina is embracing her role at the front desk where she able to use her background in customer service to help others discover ballroom dance.

Rose Meas