Vadim and Alina

Vadim Safonov

Franchisee and Owner

Alina Safonova

Franchisee and Owner

Vadim Safonov started dancing at the age of 7 and has been teaching dance for more than 16 years. He has choreographed many dance routines for different styles and levels of dancing. Vadim joined Arthur Murray in Montreal in 2007 and has since successfully trained many students.

Vadim competes with his partner Alina Safonova in the American Smooth, representing Canada.

He obtained his professional dance teacher diplomas from The Russian Dance Union, College of Cultural and State Pedagogical University.

His passion is to share the benefits of dancing with as many people a possible. He looks forward to sharing it with you!

Alina began her love of the arts as a child studying ballet, modern, ballroom dance and piano. She chose to pursue ballroom dancing. Alina loves bringing her wealth of knowledge in the other styles of dancing into ballroom.

She believes that dancing can change peoples lives in many different ways. Alina enjoys helping students to achieve their personal and dancing goals.

She graduated as choreographer from College of Arts followed by completing her degree at State Pedagogical University.

Alina is actively competing with her partner Vadim Safonov in the American Smooth, representing Canada. Through many coaching lessons with World Class Instructors, she is acquiring a significant amount of technical and teaching expertise that she loves to share with her students.

She is fulfilling her dreams and is helping to make the dreams of others come true through dance.